Meet Australia’s Hottest Ginger

Sydneysider Nick Glen was crowned Australia’s Hottest Ginger at the awards ceremony in Brisbane last week. The Newcastle born redhead beat over 2,000 entrants to win the competition’s best male category.

Nick and I worked together last year and became very close friends. We used to love spending time in each other’s company at bars and clubs, discussing current events, poetry, life and our plans for the future. I’ll never forget the night we had together at the Oxford Art Factory watching the Eurovision Song Contest.

When I’d heard he won I was delighted, and hoped he’d find time in his busy schedule for an interview. We agreed to meet at our bar in the CBD where Nick still works, and I was expecting to wade through gaggles of female admirers to even get close. Luckily we found a bit of privacy and I wasted no time in asking about my share of the prize money…

Jonathan Chadwick: Is it true you won $10,000?

Nick Glen: No, the prize pool was worth $15,000 and included a trip to Noosa.

JC But no cash?

NG Nope. But we stayed in a penthouse with an esky full of alcohol and had a top executive chef cook for us. I also got a clothes package, a hair care package and a one-year modelling contract. And we toured the Buderim ginger factory – the sponsors of the competition.

JC You beat 2,300 entrants to win the best male category, were you surprised?

NG Yes definitely. My friend at work gave me a flyer. I entered it on a bit of a whim. By the time they rang me back I’d completely forgotten about it.

JC Were the other finalists hotter than you?

NG You could say that. There was a guy with a bright ginger beard who won a category. In the end it was me and another guy but he didn’t talk much.

JC So it was your charisma that sealed the win?

NG Maybe

JC Bec Mountford from Perth won the best girls’ category. Was love in the air?

NG She was lovely but I have a girlfriend so no.

JC Sorry ladies, he’s taken. You’re a veterinary student. If the modelling went well would you let the veterinary career slide?

NG I don’t think so, I’ve done three years of it already and I can’t take a year off because it’s the end of the degree.

JC But would you want to stick with modelling?

NG I don’t think [I would be] very good at modelling.

JC Of course you would, you’re Australia’s hottest ginger!

NG I’m blushing

JC But you don’t plan on intertwining the two?

NG Maybe! Perhaps I’ll have to pose with animals.

JC Have you been receiving much attention from female or male fans?

NG Not really, I’ve got a lot of friend requests on Instagram and Facebook from people I don’t know.

JC Have customers recognised you at work and started chatting you up?

NG No not yet, sorry. I wish I had that effect.

JC Was it difficult growing up a ginger? Did you ever dye your hair in shame?

NG I’m the only one in my family with red hair so they used to make fun, they still do. At high school in year 7 and 8 they would say ‘ranga’ and stuff. But I’ve never considered dying my hair.

JC So the joke’s now on all those people who made fun of you?

NG Yep including my family because now I’ve won loads of prizes and they’re not getting any.

JC You’re now a huge role model for young gingers. What kind of advice would you give to those redheads having a tough time at school?

NG It doesn’t matter what your hair colour is; they’d probably find something else to give you grief about. It’s [usually got] nothing to do with your hair colour so don’t be ashamed.

JC What makes ginger hair so sexy?

NG It’s fiery

JC Are you a fiery lover?

NG I’ll have to ask my girlfriend.

JC Where do you get your haircut?

NG Trendy Cuts at Broadway Shopping Centre

JC And finally, do the collars match the cuffs?


JC OK. I won’t ask you to elaborate. Thanks mate.

NG Thanks.

So there you have it. I knew the title wouldn’t go to his head. He’s kept his dry, self-deprecating sense of humour and seems almost embarrassed by the whole experience. With that attitude I’m sure he’ll be successful in whatever avenue he chooses. If you ever want a beer poured by Australia’s Hottest Ginger, you’ll find him working at Sydney’s best beer café on Clarence Street.


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