I Heart SG on York Street, Sydney

Do you remember at school constructing a diorama of your ideal building, a revolutionary new design for the future?

A trip to the SG (formerly Spooning Goats) on York Street is like being shrunk down as you walk into your Tech & Design project from Year 10 entitled ‘My Ideal Bar’. The other kids in your class look on in inspired awe as you take them through your 3D blueprint, pointing out the Star Wars models in the window, a selection of board games, the Sega Master System, James Bond posters, pop art paintings and Radiohead playing loudly overhead.

They’ve a proud focus on all things local; NSW beer and wine, local artists to decorate the walls and up and coming live acts every week. There’s also a fun sounding choice of cocktails most of which involve their proud collection of bitters. ‘The Black Smoke’ is a naughty Rock ‘n’ Roll Creation comprised of Mr Black coffee liqueur, mescal, orgeat syrup, spice and chocolate bitters. How much more black could it be? The answer is definitively, none.

While not the vastest selection, the craft beers on offer are some of the best available in the CBD. Served in a bowled snifter glass, Batch Brewing’s WheaTtea is delicate and fragrant, with a slight note of coconut on the nose from the addition of chai tea. Rocket Science’s Irish Red Ale is a step up and impressively chocolatey, but expect to find something different the next time you drop in. Their selection is constantly rotating to accommodate the craft scene.

The snack menu features a selection of pies, making it a good place for a quick bite before a meal elsewhere. Although small and served out of a cat bowl, the meat inside the Moroccan lamb and chickpea pie was tender and encased in delicate, buttery pastry.

Despite the name change there is still the nod to both spoons (arranged on the wall behind the bar) and goats (of which there are many fine photographs). I want to find out the relevance, if any of these two entities but I’m sure the staff has been asked quite enough times. It’s the price you pay for a kooky name.

The SG is pop art all over; ironic and with tongue firmly placed in cheek. It’s super cool but too deliberately makeshift and shambolic to give off an exclusive hipster vibe. It’s like being 14 again and walking into your best friend’s bedroom to find he’s turned it into his very own bar, well stocked with beers and spirits. You can listen to his cool favourite bands playing loudly as you gulp down weird and delightful new cocktail creations and play Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s even borrowed some of his parent’s retro 1970s furniture that is so worn and comfy you could fall asleep on it, before being woken by his mum’s hot pies served with the eponymous spoon.

The SG is an absolute joy, a second home. It’s the Holden Caulfield of bars- a creation so personal it feels catered for you alone.


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